The field of Foreign Policy Analysis defines my research agenda. I study the interactions between domestic political institutions, political behavior, leadership, and international outcomes. Specifically, I investigate (a) how domestic political institutions influence foreign policy decision-making processes and foreign policy behavior, (b) the impact of foreign policy on public opinion and voting behavior, and (c) how the psychological traits of political leaders affect these relationships.


Recent refereed publications:

"Taking Production Relations Seriously: The Role of Defence Firms in Armaments Cooperation." (2018) European Security. (with Caglar Kurc)

"Chamber of Opportunities: Legislative Politics and Coalition Security Policy." (2018) British Journal of Politics and International Relations. 

"Clarity of Responsibility and Foreign Policy Performance Voting." (2017) European Journal of Political Research. 

"Coalition Politics and Foreign Policy." (2018) In Cameron Thies (ed.), Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics. Oxford University Press. pp. 156-167.

"Quantitative Approaches in Coalition Foreign Policy: Scope, Content, Process." (2017) European Political Science 16(4): 475-488.

"Constraining or Enabling? The Effects of Government Composition on International Commitments." (2014) Journal of European Public Policy 21 (6): 860-884. 


Works in progress:

"The Effect of Prime Ministers on Coalition Foreign Policy Behavior"

"Dealing with Coalition Governments in Foreign Policy: A Strategic Diplomacy Approach" (with Ryan Beasley)

"Time to Reconsider? The Chaos in the Middle East and Turkish Support for the EU" (with Seth Jolly)

“Turkish Involvement in the Arab-Israeli Conflict: A Role Theory Analysis” (with Baris Kesgin)

ResearchGate profile: